Should You Get Legal Advice Online About Child Abuse and CPS?

Woman searching the internet with a Mac book
Online searches are wonderful for so many things, but not legal advice that could affect your future!

The internet is like a shopping mall. Sure’s, there’s some great stuff available. But there’s also a ton of garbage you have to dig through in order to find what you want. (Bacon bandages, anyone? Perhaps a nice AB-hancer, or the ever-useful cat shaming calendar?)

And even then… is it really what you wanted? Are you certain? Sometimes it’s hard to be sure, especially when everything is packaged specifically to entice you. (After all, your “clicks” are worth money to someone.) So when it comes to free advice online, are you getting the real deal? Or are you simply getting what you paid for?

Want general information about CPS, or child abuse, hit the web….

Curious about what might be involved in dealing with CPS workers? Search online and you’ll find countless others who’ve walked that road before you. Want a better understanding of what child neglect charges are, or why a public defender may not be your best choice for a child abuse case, feel free to surf the net. You’ll get some facts, and you’ll get some fiction. The problem is…. it’s often hard to tell one from the other.

But there’s a big difference about searching for info because you’re curious, and searching because you’re in trouble! if you’ve been accused of abusing a child, a website probably isn’t the right place to get your info. Being investigated for child abuse? Well, reading about child abuse online may help you understand what you’re accused of (maybe…), but it won’t help you construct a strong defense and ensure that your rights are protected.

Free Q & A websites where people submit questions and then read the different responses submitted by attorneys are a great way to gather information, but it’s a terrible way to make guided legal decisions! Why? Well, if you’ve ever been to one of those websites and read through the submissions and responses, then you already know what we’re talking about.

But not if you need specific information that could affect your case!

Let’s say John Doe in Detroit, Michigan has been talked to by police about leaving his infant daughter in the car while he was inside paying for gas. He’s scared of being arrested, or investigated by CPS, and he doesn’t know what to do next. So he goes online and submits a question to a free legal Q&A site, and waits for an answer. After all, it’s just like having an attorney, right? Only better, because it’s free!

In the end, Mr. Doe gets four answers from four different attorneys. He’s thrilled! But in reading them, he realizes that they all have slightly different opinions to offer. He’s confused. Which one is correct? The CPS defense attorney from New York? Or what about the one from Texas who specializes in family law? Nope, neither is going to help him, because Michigan law is different from laws and penal codes in other states. So obviously he should go with the two remaining attorneys from Michigan, right?

Nope again! Since one is a local attorney whose practice centers around wills and estates, they aren’t likely to give him the advice he needs in a child abuse case.  And the other one? He’s also Michigan-based, which is great… but he’s a divorce lawyer, so that’s a no-go. Back to square one. Except Mr. Doe may not have noticed where the criminal attorney who advised him came from. Or even if he did, he might not know that laws are different in different states. He may also not have realized that the two Michigan lawyers weren’t child abuse defense attorneys. Either way, none of the answers will help him… But he may not realize that until it’s too late!

Online searches are GREAT for some things, but not legal advice!

Now don’t misunderstand… we’re not suggesting that you should give up online research, or that you shouldn’t search for information that’s pertinent to your situation. What we are suggesting however, is that you understand the limits of free online advice. Because it is limited. Very limited. And while a tax attorney in Massachusetts, or a medical malpractice lawyer in Arizona can certainly give you free advice, neither can help you in any way if you are in actual need of legal help here in Michigan.

So as experienced child abuse defense attorneys, we’d like to give you some free online advice. Here goes: Don’t rely on free online advice to solve your legal problems! Look things up, learn about the law, ask questions….. But if you have a real legal problem, or are under investigation in Michigan, have been accused of a crime involving a child, or suspect that CPS may come knocking, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help you. Actual help. The kind you can really use.