Having Kids With You When You Break The Law is a Game Changer! (Pt 2)

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There’s no faster way to get CPS involved in your life than to break the law with your kids in tow!

Hi there and welcome back. We’ve been talking about how breaking the law gets you into trouble, but having kids with you when you do it makes the consequences so much worse! As soon as you’re dealing with the cops and they see you have kids with you they’re going to call CPS. And once CPS is involved you better believe they’re going to do everything in their power to tell you how to parent your kids, make you jump through hoops to keep your kids, or worse – try to take your kids away from you! Which is probably what’s going to happen to the drunk mom from Oakland County who recently crashed her car with her kids in the backseat.

The mom and both kids were hurt in the crash!

As we mentioned previously, the woman led a sheriff’s deputy on a short chase before crashing her car into a ditch. Both the mom and her children – daughters aged 7 and 10 – were all transported to McLaren Lapeer Region hospital for treatment of their injuries. The 7-year-old was later released into the custody of her father, however the 10-year-old’s injuries were serious enough that she was later airlifted to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where she is listed as being in serious but stable condition.

CPS was immediately notified of the risk to the kids.

Officers at the scene reported the incident to Child Protective Services for investigation. Police investigators are still waiting on the results of the toxicology tests before filing charges, however they found intoxicants in the woman’s car, so the possession will likely result in charges as well. Although nothing formal has been filed with the court or the prosecutor’s office yet, this mom is probably going to be in a world of hurt. Between the drunk driving, the fleeing and eluding, and child endangerment charges, she’s looking at years behind bars. And that’s not to mention the fact that CPS is likely to petition to have her parental rights terminated!

Committing crimes with kids in tow can result in losing your kids.

Breaking the law in ways that endanger your children, or expose them to potentially harmful situations, makes you look like a bad parent. And as soon as CPS thinks you’re the kind of parent who acts selfishly or impulsively without regard for your children’s safety and wellbeing, they’re going to swoop in and try to take your kids away. So if we can give you a word of advise it would be this – don’t break the law. And if you make a bad choice, or do something illegal that you know could get you into trouble with the cops, don’t have your kids with you when it happens!

Fighting CPS for your parental rights is a very tough job!

Once CPS has decided you don’t deserve to parent your own children, it’s going to be an all-out battle for your parental rights. So if you’re hoping to protect your Constitutional rights, and get on with parenting your kids without the state hovering over your shoulder, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled CPS defense attorneys have spent decades helping Michigan parents keep their families together and fight an invasive agency. We’re available 24/7 to help, so don’t wait another minute!

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