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How The Welfare System Makes it Harder For Battered Mothers to Seek Help! (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been looking at a travesty happening in different parts of the country, and right here in Michigan, where battered mothers desperately trying to escape their abusers are punished by the state. And the methods of punishment used by CPS? Only the worst and most painful thing you could think of – taking a mother’s children from her while she tries to get to safety. In the previous article we shared a horrifying story with you of a mother from California named Ingrid Archie, who was charged with failure to protect twice for trying to get herself and her children to safety.

Removing children from their parents is extremely traumatic for them!

We’ve shared a lot of information with you over the years about how tearing children away from the caregivers they know and love is a very traumatic event for them. However, there is a body of research proving that children who’ve witnessed domestic abuse and are then thrown into foster care, the emotional damage is considerably worse. In the landmark case, Nicholson v. Scoppetta, in New York City, experts testified against this terrible practice. One expert testified that a removal under such circumstances “is tantamount to pouring salt on an open wound.” Also, as explained by another expert, abuse tends to originate from one source, and battered mothers are rarely the source of that abuse. So why remove their children from them?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to help the mom AND the kids?

Since the body of research supporting the notion that children are better off with their parents is enormous, and we have empirical evidence to prove that separating children from their caregivers is extremely traumatic, how does taking kids away from abused mothers “keep those kids safe”? Surely, if the mother is trying to get away from her abuser, wouldn’t it make sense for a CPS worker to step in and say, “What we do to help you and your children get to safety?” Wouldn’t it use less resources, cause less damage to the child’s psyche, and ultimately be better for everyone involved if battered mothers were supported in their bid for safety, rather than punished for being in relationships with abusers? 

Putting kids in foster care doesn’t solve the underlying problem here

If a battered mother tries to flee from her abuser, taking her kids with her, she is obviously trying to solve the problem of getting to safety and protecting her children at the same time. She didn’t leave them with the abuser and run. She didn’t stay and subject them to endless cycles of abuse. She fled, and she tried to take them with her to safety. That act is heroic, and required a huge amount of courage and bravery. What that mother needs, and what those children need, is safety, security and help. Foster care is not the answer. Children who’ve witnessed domestic violence need the love of their non-abusive parent more than anything in order to heal and move on.

Stand up to CPS when they try to take your children away!

Here at The Kronzek Firm, we’ve had decades of experience with the underhanded techniques CPS employs to achieve their ends, and we’ve spent decades fighting against them. We know how easy it is to take advantage of a distraught parent, and how easily CPS workers can manipulate situations and twist the truth. Without an aggressive defense by a hard working CPS defense attorney, your case could end up as the kind of cautionary tale other parents read about in the paper, just like the tragic story of Ingrid Archie. So call us today at 866 766 5245. We’re available 24/7 to help the parents of Michigan fight for their families and their rights!

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