Legalizing Pot Doesn’t Mean You Can Give it to Your Kids!

Marijuana plant
Pot is on it’s way to becoming legal in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean kids can use it!

With the legalization of medical marijuana a few years ago in Michigan, and then the decriminalization of having small amounts of pot for personal use in numerous cities around the state, the use of marijuana has quickly become considerably more normalized. Add to that the fact that the November ballot will now include the option to vote for legalizing recreational marijuana throughout the state, and you have a much more permissive climate than before. However, just because marijuana use is becoming more tolerated, and in some cases, encouraged, doesn’t mean it should be treated like a general, over-the-counter medication.

A Michigan dad is learning that the hard way!

Oscar Tejada II accidentally set fire to his family’s apartment while using a butane torch to cook hash oil (BHO) in his bedroom. It’s a risky process, where cannabis is packed into tubes and then blasted with butane. The extreme heat extracts the hash oil out of the plant, which must then be purged to remove any butane residue. But using a butane torch inside an apartment is extremely dangerous, and the resulting fire didn’t come as much of a surprise to investigators.

The fire has affected every part of the family’s life.

Both Tejada and his 10-year-old daughter were harmed in the fire. She suffered second degree burns to her feet, and Tejada has first and second degree burns on 23 percent of his body. He has also lost custody of his children, and the kid’s mom now has sole custody. In addition, Tejada now has no home and no belongings, as they were all lost in the fire. But the biggest issue he is facing is criminal charges.

The investigation has revealed some poor parenting choices

In interviews with CPS after the fire, the children revealed that Tejada has had them help him numerous times with the preparation and packaging of hash oil. When discussing the situation with police, Tejada admitted that neither of his children were lying about the allegations. “My daughter has helped me package the oil product.” he admitted, “My son has helped me with some of the oil product and I’ve given him a portion of the money earned at the dispensaries.”

Working with pot wasn’t the only issue Tejada admitted to

In addition to encouraging his children to help him make and package hash oil, Tejada also admitted to something else his kids told CPS workers – he regularly gives them edible marijuana products (called “medibles”) to help them sleep. As a result, Tejada is now being charged with Second Degree Child Abuse, which is a 10-year felony in Michigan.

Kids bodies and brains don’t handle most marijuana well!

Although there is a considerable body of research and evidence to support claims that medical marijuana can be used effectively to manage pain, seizures, muscle spasms and nausea resulting from cancer treatment, it can have adverse effects on a child’s developing brain. According to Susan Weiss, director of the division of extramural research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), all current research points to starting pot use young, and using it frequently, can disrupt brain function in young people.

Have you been accused of drug-related child abuse?

Whenever drugs and drug use is involved in the allegations against you, CPS will be hot on the heels of those claims. And once CPS is involved, you’re up against possible child abuse claims, removal of your children, and even termination of your parental rights. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The experienced CPS defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm can help protect your family and defend your parenting rights. So call 866 766 5245 today, and make sure you have the help you need.