Rare Medical Condition, or Child Abuse? How Can You Tell? (Pt 1)

Doctor holding medical tests
How do medical professionals tell the difference? Sometimes they can’t…

This question has been the source of more controversy than you can imagine over the years! As doctors, medical experts, prosecutors and defense attorneys fight it out in courtrooms across the nation, this question is the one that they keep coming back to, over and over. Is it child abuse? Or is it a rare medical condition that hasn’t been diagnosed yet? And how can you tell the difference?

Rare medical conditions are exactly that – rare. Which means that when a child is brought to the hospital with symptoms that look like child abuse (like brain bleeds, fractures, or bruising), doctors don’t tend to look beyond what seems obvious. And once they’ve convinced themselves its abuse, and CPS has entered the picture, it’s extremely difficult to change their minds.

How do you convince CPS you haven’t abused your child?

CPS workers can be incredibly short sighted. Once they’ve looked at what little evidence is available, and drawn their own conclusions, they tend to get stuck in the same track. And they also tend to adopt the mindset that once they’ve decided you’re guilty, it’s your job to prove your own innocence. As you can imagine, that isn’t remotely how the justice system is supposed to work, but there you have it.

Many parents, when accused by CPS of abuse because of symptoms that they can’t explain, are at a loss for what to do. How did their child get those fractures? Why is their blood on their baby’s brain? And where on earth did those bruises come from? But this is where the skilled CPS defense attorney comes in. Because you CANNOT fight this battle alone!

You’re going to need experts on your side!

Once CPS has accused you of child abuse, you’re going to need an attorney whose fought this battle and won. Someone who has access to top-of-the-line experts who can provide expert witness testimony in court on your behalf. And who are those experts that are going to present evidence supporting your claim in court?

It could be any number of people, like pediatricians specializing in child abuse pediatrics, forensic pathologists, immunologists, forensic odontologists, and psychiatrists. Your attorney will arrange everything, and make sure that if there’s any chance your child may have a rare medical condition, the needed evaluations and tests are conducted.

Make sure your defense attorney is an expert too!

Just like everything else in life, there are attorneys, and then there are Attorneys! One kind has the required schooling and has handled a few successful cases, and the other kind has years of experience, and a long track record of success. One will take whatever comes their way, regardless of what kind of case it is, while the other specializes, which allows them to practice as experts in their field. Here at The Kronzek Firm, our CPS defense attorneys are definitely the latter.

We’ve spent decades helping the families of Michigan protect themselves and their children against CPS. Our track record is second to none, and we’ve had countless successful outcomes, reuniting families and fighting for parent’s rights. So if you or a loved one have been accused of child abuse or neglect, call us today at 866 766 5245 and make sure you have the help you need, from the people who CAN make a difference! And don’t forget to join us next time for more info on this interesting and important subject!