Texas Judge Orders Sanctions Against CPS For Wrongful Removal (Pt 1)

CPS in Texas will be forking over thousands to a family they wrongfully separated!


It’s not often that you hear of a Judge actively seeking to punish CPS for their rotten choices and violations of people’s rights. In fact, CPS workers so often seem to operate with total disregard for the law, and so we tend to assume that they don’t believe they’re accountable to anyone. But every now and again the court will put their foot down, and CPS will be forced to pay for their actions. This is one of those times.


It all begins in Texas, on a hot and dusty day…


Melissa Bright was playing with her two children outside. It was a hot summer day, and she put the sprinkler on for 2-year-old Charlotte to play in, then watched her while she held onto 5-month-old Mason. After a while, Charlotte needed help getting out of her wet clothes, so Melissa put Mason down on a lawn chair to help her daughter.


But while helping Charlotte struggle out of her wet clothing, they both heard a thump and turned to see that baby Mason had fallen out of the chair and onto the driveway. It was only a distance of 19 inches, but it sparked a war between the Bright family and CPS, who decided that the children weren’t safe in their own home, and placed them into foster care.


So what exactly did CPS do that invoked the wrath of a Judge?


The case is complex, and dragged on for months, but to sum it all up in a nutshell – they lied. When Mason was first checked out by doctors after the fall, they found evidence of a small brain bleed and two skull fractures, which led CPS to decide that Melissa was a child abuser. But the hospital later discovered that Mason suffers from a blood clotting disorder. They also determined that if Mason was breastfed, he might heal faster.


But Mason was placed in a foster home far from his mother, and CPS wouldn’t allow her access to breastfeed him. They also continued to delay the case, finding new reasons at every turn to postpone hearings. And then in September, Lavar Jones, a caseworker, sought emergency custody of the children without telling the court about Mason’s diagnosed blood disorder, or providing a medical opinion that explained his second injury.


CPS makes mistakes, and fabricates evidence, on a regular basis!


So what happened next? Join us next time as we explain exactly how badly the CPS caseworkers handled this case, and how they went about trying to cover their butts after they screwed up. Until then, if CPS here in Michigan is harassing you, mismanaging your case, threatening your family, or in any way violating your rights, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245.


Our skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys have spent decades defending the families of Michigan against CPS abuses. We understand only too well just how badly they bully parents, and how poorly they sometimes manage their caseload. Don’t led a power-hungry caseworker ruin your family. Call us today and get help from the people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the bullies.


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