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Toddler Found Alone In Hot Car Has Been Hospitalised

A toddler was found alone in a hot car in a WalMart parking lot recently, and according to the deputies who stepped in to rescue her, was hospitalized as a result.


The incident took place in Alpine Township in Kent County at about 6:20 pm. The Kent County Sheriff’s Department was contacted regarding a child alone in a hot, running car in the store’s parking lot, and so a deputy was dispatched to the scene on Alpine Avenue Northwest.


When the deputy arrived, he noted that the child, who was asleep in the back seat, was visibly red faced and sweaty inside the running car. However, the car was locked and attempts to wake her from outside the vehicle were unsuccessful, so the deputy forced his way into the car.


The little girl, a 2-year-old, allegedly began to wake up once the deputy had opened the car. However, she was diagnosed as having the symptoms of heat exhaustion and so was transported to De Vos children’s hospital for treatment. Authorities say that she is now doing well and is expected to recover fully.


The little girl’s grandmother was discovered inside the store, shopping.


Child Protective Services was alerted as to the situation and will be conducting an investigation. However, authorities say that officers have requested that criminal charges be filed against the grandmother.


Although we have no idea what the temperature was on that day at that time, nor do we know how hot it was inside the car, according to data published by the Department of Meteorology & Climate Science at San Jose State University, 7 children who were left in cars have died of heat stroke so far this year. Last year, in 2015, the number was 24.


According to Jan Null, an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University, “Children have died in cars with the temperature as low as 63 degrees. Basically the car becomes a greenhouse. At 70 degrees on a sunny day, after a half hour, the temperature inside a car is 104 degrees. After an hour, it can reach 113 degrees.”


As CPS defense attorneys who defend clients daily against allegations of abuse and neglect, we understand that there are always two sides to the story.  While we recognize that serious cases of child abuse and neglect can and do happen, there are also a significant number of unintentional accidents that result in CPS contact.  If you or a loved one have been accused of abusing or neglecting a child, you are going to need expert help to ensure that you are properly defended. So don’t wait – contact our experienced defense attorneys today. We can help you.

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