What You Should (And Shouldn’t) do if CPS is Investigating You! (Part 5)

Is CPS knocking on your door, asking to come in? What should you do? Follow these steps!


Thanks for sticking with us for this five part series – we know it’s a lot of information, but for families facing a CPS investigation, it can be invaluable! So if you’ve been with us from the beginning, let’s dive in for the last installment on this subject. If you’ve only just stumbled on these articles, we recommend you spend a few moment getting caught up.


As we’ve mentioned before, CPS workers take their work very seriously, and we’re glad they do! Child abuse is a very real problem, and there needs to be someone who can speak for vulnerable children when they are at risk. But just because some parents make bad choices, doesn’t mean all parents do, and many CPS workers struggle to make that distinction. So what can you as a parent do when CPS is at your door, accusing you of things you never did? Read on to wrap up our list of pointers for families who are being investigated by CPS.


  1. Create a list of loved ones who can take your child


If there’s even a chance that your children will be removed by the court, it would be far better, both for them and for you, that they stay with someone you know and trust. Children who are taken from their parents and placed with strangers often don’t fare as well, and it can be terrifying for them! Not all foster parents are as devoted to the wellbeing of the children they care for as you would like.


On the flip side of that coin, there are foster parents who will love your kids and buy into the idea that by keeping them, they’re saving them from horrible parents who don’t love them. This means they’re likely to work against you, colluding with the CPS worker, to keep your kids from returning to you. So if possible, always have your children stay with a relative or good friend who you know will care for them properly, and has your best interests at heart.

  1. Don’t admit ANYTHING to a CPS worker, ever!


CPS workers have been known to twist people’s words around, and use them in court as testimony against you. They have also been known to take suggestions you make, while trying to come up with explanations for what could have happened to your child, as admissions of guilt. Be very careful what you say to a CPS agent, and always have your attorney present when talking to CPS workers, so that you don’t accidentally say something they could later twist and use against you!


Also, sometimes CPS workers will hound a person in the hopes of breaking them, and offer to “make it all go away” if they will only admit to a specific action. Some parents, even although they’re innocent and haven’t done anything wrong, go along with it just to bring an end to the harassment. DON”T DO IT! Don’t admit to crimes you never committed, and don’t allow CPS to bully you into confessing to something you never did! This won’t make the problems go away, it’ll only fuel the fire!


Do you need help from an experienced CPS defense attorney in Michigan?


Unfortunately, many good parents come under CPS scrutiny at one point or another, and have no idea how to handle it. They assume that if they can only have a rational talk about the misunderstanding, everything will be cleared up. But that kind of thinking, while perfectly understandable, is what gets people into trouble. CPS isn’t rational. They don’t operate under the same guidelines as caring parents. They look at every child and see a victim, look at every parent and see an abuser.

If you or a loved one have been accused of neglecting or abusing a child, then defending and protecting yourself and your family needs to be your primary objective. Call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245 to discuss your case with an experienced CPS defense attorney who understands and can help. We are here for you!


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