Can a Doctor Force me to Take a Polygraph if They Think I Hurt my Child?

Arrow sign pointing to a lie
Nope, a doctor can’t force you to take a polygraph, but this wouldn’t be the first time Dr. Bethany Mohr wasn’t honest with parents during alleged child abuse cases…

You’ve seen lie detector tests in the movie at some point, right? Some serious-looking man in a suit asks a whole lot of strange questions – many of them obvious – to some poor nervous wreck in a chair. Nearby, the machine they’re hooked up to quietly spits out a ream of paper covered in little squiggles – squiggles that’re supposed to help investigators figure out if they’re lying or not. So does it work? Do those little mountains and valleys really show if you’re lying or not? And here’s the million dollar question – can a doctor really force you to take one?

Dr Bethany Mohr at Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor certainly thinks so. Although it wouldn’t be the first time she was wrong about something!

Doctors can’t force parents to take polygraphs in CPS cases!

We spoke to a heartbroken couple recently. They called from the parking lot of Mott’s Children’s Hospital, asking what they should do about the terrible false allegations Dr. Mohr was making about them. Apparently the doctor had determined that the couple’s child had a non-accidental injury (which she automatically assumes is child abuse, and the parents are automatically guilty!). When the heartbroken parents tried to explain what had happened, she refused to believe them, and told them they had to take a polygraph.

Wait, what?! The doctor told them they were required to take a polygraph?

Confused but willing to do whatever it takes to keep their family together, the couple got in their car and drove down to the local police station, determined to volunteer for the polygraph they’d just been told to take. But when they arrived and explained to the cops why they were there, the officers were equally confused. “The doctor told you to take a polygraph?” they asked. “Why? What for? And who is authorized to conduct it?” The parents had no answers. They didn’t understand what was going on either.

And that’s when they call us – and we set the record straight.

If a doctor thinks a parent of caregiver has abused a child, they’re required by state law to report their suspicions to the police. The cops, once they arrive at the hospital will reach out to CPS, who will also show up to ask questions. Both the police and CPS workers are authorized by the state to investigate child abuse and neglect allegations. But doctors are not. Doctors are supposed to examine, diagnose and treat a patient. And that’s it. They have no authority to conduct investigations, to force people to take polygraphs, or to determine guilt.

Dr Mohr has a long history of falsely accusing parents of child abuse!

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