Kids in Foster Care (And Their Parents) Really Struggle Over The Holidays!

A child wearing a Santa hat looking out of a window onto a grey, rainy day and looking sad.
Kids who are separated from their parents over the holidays have an incredibly hard time enjoying Christmas.

There are loads of things that make the Christmas holidays special. Getting together with family. Decorating the tree and baking cookies with your kids. Snuggling up with your family, everyone in their pjs, to watch a favorite holiday movie. If you think about it, you’ll realize that being with family is central to the holidays. And that’s why children in foster care, and parents whose kids are in foster care, have such an incredibly hard time over the holidays.

Christmas just isn’t the same when you’re apart!

As parents, we can’t even imagine the pain a mom or dad must feel looking at that pile of wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, knowing that on Christmas day, the child they were bought for won’t be there to open them. It must be agonizing. The holidays are meant to be spent with our loved ones. Knowing that your children will be away from you during that special time is a type of heartbreak we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Remember: your kids are probably having a tougher go of it than you are!

It may be hard to believe, but if you’re having a hard time being away from your kids during Christmas, you need to know that they’re probably struggling even more. You have the benefit of being at home, in your own environment. Your children are in a stranger’s house, without any of the comforts of home. You can visit relatives, spend the day with extended family members, or exchange gifts with loved ones. Your kids are stuck in foster care, unable to make any decisions or choices on their own, and at the mercy of other people. 

How can you help your kids in foster care during Christmas?

Most parents whose kids are in foster care have visitation, even if they’re supervised. So we’re assuming you’re getting a chance to see your children. Although this is most likely a very hard visit for both you and your children, one of the things you can do to help your children deal with their sadness is to encourage them to have fun. Kids in foster care often feel guilty about enjoying themselves while they’re away from their parents, because they feel they’re betraying their parents. Help ease your kid’s turmoil by telling them you really want them to enjoy Christmas as much as possible, and that you’re okay with them having fun. It won’t make it easier for you, but it will go a long way towards helping your child feel less conflicted.

What can parents do to ease the pain of a lonely Christmas?

Spending Christmas without your kids can be heartbreaking, and if that’s what you’re faced with this holiday season, it’s going to be a tough time, make no mistake. But you aren’t helpless in the face of this tragedy. Here at The Kronzek Firm, we believe very strongly that parents have a right to parent their children as they see fit, and that families belong together. So if CPS has contacted you in any way, for any reason, call us immediately at 866 766 5245. Don’t risk losing your kids this holiday season to government overreach and bureaucratic nonsense. Our skilled and experienced child abuse defense attorneys can help protect your rights, and your future. 

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