Michigan Mom Fighting For Her Kids After Unfair Treatment From CPS!

The Michigan Court of Appeals has agreed that this mom was not justly dealt with by the county!


We’ve discussed this issue many times before on this blog – the tragedy of parents being subjected to domestic violence, and then losing their children on top of it! It’s beyond heartbreaking, and it’s happening right now, all over the country. Sadly, Michigan is no exception. We’d like to share an ongoing story with you, of one mother’s tragic relationship, that turned into a desperate fight with CPS who took her children away!

What happened to this poor mom?


Erin Beaton is a good mother. She makes an effort to be involved in her kid’s lives and activities – coaching pom squad for 6 years and volunteering at their church’s vacation bible school. BUt when her marriage floundered and she and her husband decided to get divorced, Beaton turned to Tinder for relationship help. There she met a man, and started a new relationship. But broken hearts aren’t always as receptive to red flags…


The relationship turned out to be a nightmare!


In the end, it only lasted about three months. Beaton moved in with her new boyfriend, but quickly began to realize that he wasn’t what she’d been led to believe. He began to abuse her verbally. And then the physical abuse started. Upset about the risk to her children, Beaton called the cops. They showed up and arrested her boyfriend, but because her children were present, CPS was called to the scene as well.


Violent partners often cost parents much more than their own safety.


Beaton got a personal protection order against him, assuming she had done everything in her power to keep herself and her children safe. But her ex showed up at her house and took her 10-year-old daughter away. He then called her and told her that in order to get her daughter back she had to meet him in person. Terrified, she agreed to meet him at the home of a relative. But when she showed up he attacked her, stabbing her in the arm.


CPS regularly blames domestic assault victims for the risk to their children.


Beaton fled with her daughter. Although the artery in her arm was severed and she was bleeding copiously, she drove herself to the hospital, taking her children with her to keep them safe. But medical staff at the hospital tested her blood and discovered that her BAC was .08. They called CPS, who took her children from her, claiming she had endangered them by driving drunk with them in the car.


Domestic assault victims are punished by the system that’s supposed to protect them!


When CPS told Beaton that she would need to do regular drug tests, along with attending parenting classes and therapy, she couldn’t believe it. She refused, and the court logged her refusal as non-compliance. Although she later changed her approach and made every effort to comply, the damage was done. The court terminated her parental rights.


This case is a classic example of CPS’s abuse of power!


Although the man who assaulted her served jail time for domestic assault, he got out and promptly regained custody of his son. But Beaton has lost both her children courtesy of his abuse, and CPS refused to work with her. She took her case to the Appeals Court, who recently ruled that she had been unfairly treated by the Livingston County Referee. This was good news, but Beaton has a long road ahead of her. One that she should never have had to walk in the first place!


Have you been unfairly treated by CPS?


CPS is notorious for steamrolling parents who are struggling with personal difficulties, and refusing to work with them. This case is a tragedy, but it isn’t a singular instance. This kind of CPS abuse is all too common! So if you or a loved one needs help battling CPS call the skilled CPS defense attorneys at 866 766 5245. We can help protect your rights and fight to keep your family together.


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