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CPS Removes 5 Kids From Novi Family, But Was It a Mistake?

The day after CPS removed five children from a Novi family’s home, their friends, family and church congregation crowded the courtroom to speak out against this injustice. Packed so tightly, they filled the courtroom and spilled out into the halls, people from all walks of life who stood united for one purpose – to demand that CPS rectify their mistake.


Anthony and Melissa Geers, the parents whose children were taken into state custody, are good parents according to their friends and family. They would never harm their children. The investigators must have made a mistake. So why, doctors are wondering, did the infant twins both have broken ribs?


The medical concerns came to light when the couple took one of their babies to the hospital for an unrelated but severe medical condition. Doctor’s x-rayed the infant and discovered an older, partially healed break in his ribs.


The second infant was brought in and x-rayed, which led to a sad and confusing discovery – a total of five broken ribs. Concerned, the doctors noted that it may have been child abuse and notified CPS. The state began investigating the family.


Faced with the sudden need to provide explanations for their twin baby’s injuries, the couple searched their memories. The twins’ three-year-old brother was sometimes aggressive in the way he handled them, could that explain it? Melissa said that she had sustained a fall some months back while holding one of the babies. Had that caused the injuries?


Perhaps it was the fact that the boys were born premature. Confused and seeking answers, the family tried to provide any truthful explanation they could possibly think of. But that, it seemed, made it worse. CPS felt that the lack of a concrete explanation meant that the couple was hiding something. Obfuscating. Muddying the waters.  This is why we always advise parents not to speculate.  In our experience, no matter what is said, even if it is the truth, CPS will not believe it.  Speculation only makes things worse.


Convinced of an abusive home, CPS removed all five of the couple’s children and placed them in the care of relatives. But the Geers want their children back. And the community is standing with them.


The next hearing is scheduled for April 15th. Hopefully this situation will be resolved quickly and this family will be able to be reunited again. We will keep you updated on future developments, as they unfold.  


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